4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C


Following Jesus’ use of words from the prophet of Isaiah in last week’s Gospel, the readings for this Sunday bring us to consider the rejection faced by God’s prophets. But we also receive words we can rely on, words of love and trust. Jesus’ message is an invitation to come and be immersed in God’s love, the love that has shielded us since the beginning of our lives.

In the first reading, God’s words to Jeremiah confirm him in his calling and reassure him that he will never be abandoned despite trials. God’s love since his conception shields him. Even as we continue to navigate the complex terrain of life with challenges of every kind, let us feel the assurance made to Prophet Jeremiah as being extended to us. The Psalmist acknowledges that and sings of God’s help, justice, strength, and dependency. From his youth, God has never failed him. His love has remained abundant since birth.

Paul sings a beautiful hymn of love in his letter to the Corinthians in the second reading. Paul proclaims that love is the only authentic way of life that sustains us whatever happens. In the Gospel, the people of Nazareth react to Jesus’s challenging words with anger, and some even try to kill him. The reaction of these people is a learning for us to swallow our pride to receive God’s love. In doing that, we shall make the world around us different and better. Early in Luke’s Gospel, we see Jesus reaching out to outsiders, and in his rejection, the cross is already present, a profound sign of God’s love.

Christian Action This Week:  Pray for the gift of God’s love that conquers all things.

Joy and peace