3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B


Today, as the Church celebrates this third Sunday, the ‘Sunday of the Word of God,’ we are reminded that Christ Jesus is knocking at our door in the words of sacred scripture. If we hear his voice and open the doors of our minds and hearts, then he will enter our lives and remain ever with us.

In the first reading, Jonah takes the word of God to the people in Nineveh. They hear it, are inspired to change their evil ways, and God shows them his mercy. God’s love and forgiveness are at the heart of today’s Psalm as we pray for a better understanding of the ways in which the Lord invites us to live our lives.

St. Paul issues a challenge to the Christian community in Corinth in this week’s second reading.  At the center of this, though, is an encouragement to us to free our minds and hearts from reliance on the things of this world and to place our hope in the reign of God.

The Gospel speaks of the opening of the hearts and minds of the first apostles as they leave behind everything they know in order to follow Jesus.

This week, consider spending extra time reading the scripture. Use it to pray that the Lord will open your mind and heart to see your path in this life more clearly.

Joy and peace.