Youth program

SCCs office has in place well- crafted programs to the youths which are suitable to this quickly maturing age group and what they really crave for.

The office of SCCs has listening program to answer their questions, identify them and help them identify ways they can put their faith into action. To help the parishes locate these youths the office encourages the parishes to offer leadership roles which the youths are interested in.

“Wash Me Clean” is a pastoral response program to the youths on pornography and addiction. It constitutes identifying the presence of four characteristics to know if someone is addicted:

  1. Powerlessness or loss of control; failure to resist the impulse to use pornography and continuing despite efforts to stop.
  2. Progression can be an escalation in frequency and amount of viewing , lying to others as well as engaging in more risky behaviors both on and off-life, such as accessing pornography at work.
  3. Preoccupation with sexual thoughts, fantasies, and acquiring sexual material.
  4. Pain or despair as a result of pornography use or its consequences.

We engage the youths into informative sessions that sexual love is a gift meant for marriage alone-Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), #2354).

We engage them into conversation that pornography is a structure of sin and its rooted in the personal sins of individuals, is so pervasive in society that it is difficult to avoid and challenging to remove.