3rd Sunday in Lent Year B


As we enter the third week of Lent, our readings remind us of God’s love for us soon to be witnessed in the suffering and death of Christ Jesus. In the first reading, God speaks to the people of Israel after their release from slavery in Egypt. By the Ten Commandments, God shows his people how to freely live in service of the One who has liberated them.

The Psalm speaks of the gifts the law of God brings regarding wisdom, truth, and life. And in the second reading, St. Paul reflects on the way in which those who are called to follow Jesus see the crucified Christ. For those early Christians and ourselves, this is not a sign of God’s foolishness or weakness but a demonstration to the world about God’s power and wisdom.

In this week’s Gospel,  Jesus sweeps away the buyers and sellers from the Temple, which should be revered as the house of God. In a way, we are reminded that it is through Christ’s suffering and death that salvation will come, and the power and wisdom of God will be revealed.

This week, let us pray for all those areas of the world where places of holiness and sanctuary are debased and devalued.  We pray also for religious freedom.

Joy and peace.