1st Sunday of Lent, Year B


We began our Lenten journey on Ash Wednesday. This first Sunday of Lent now leads us immediately into Jesus’s journey into the desert in prayer, fasting, and facing temptation.

The first reading reminds us of the journey of God’s chosen people. Here, God establishes his Covenant with Noah, all his descendants, and the whole of creation. Never again will God destroy the earth with a flood– to confirm this, God leaves a bow in the sky.

In the second reading, St Peter links the few people Noah saved ‘by water’ to ourselves, as the saved people through the baptism that Christ won for us by his death and resurrection.

The Gospel gives a short account of Jesus being tempted in the desert. He emerges ready to proclaim his message of the kingdom of God that is close at hand.

The Psalm reflects the message of hope in all the readings. The Lord’s ways are faithfulness and love.

As we begin our Lenten journey this week, let us take heart from the scriptures, ready to follow the Lord’s ways and eager to learn his paths.

Joy and peace.