3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C


            We are journeying through the first part of ordinary time in year C, and today we have come to the Sunday of the Word of God (Third Sunday). Therefore, the invitation is to rediscover and renew the meaning and importance of God’s word and, consequently, its dissemination.

St. John Chrysostom, the man known for his eloquence in proclaiming and preaching the word of God, said that the Bible is a love letter written to us from God. Echoing the great saint’s words, the Second Vatican Council teaches us that God meets his sons and daughters with his love wherever they are in his word. Today, we renew and relive this conviction that God’s love to us continues to be communicated and revealed through his word. Thus, let us deepen our relationship with the Lord through devotion and dedication to reading and praying with the scripture. His word revives, liberates, sustains, unites, and gives us life every time we do so.

In the first reading, people are reading and celebrating God’s word. Through that, they come to the understanding that God is their stronghold. The Psalm celebrates God’s word of love that comforts and fills us with joy and strength. In the second reading, Saint Paul teaches us to appreciate the diversity in our Christian community and live the unity brought by baptism. In Jesus, the embodiment of all prophecy is liberation, transformation, and good news.

Christian Action This Week: Read the Bible to grow in a more profound friendship with God.

Joy and peace.