Rev. Fr. Lawrence Murori is a priest in the Diocese of Meru and the first coordinator of Small Christian Communities (SCCs) in the Diocese.

Fr. Murori’s education background:

Doctoral Degree Candidate in two fields of study:

  1. Pastoral Theology
  2. Public Administration

Goal: Deepen expertise in integrating theological principles with public governance and administration.

Current Status: Writing his dissertations.

Master’s Degree in two fields of study:

  1. Pastoral Theology: Fr Murori was awarded the Kairos Award by Loyola University, New Orleans, for his academic excellence in Pastoral Studies and Ministry.
  2. Legal studies: Focusing on Administrative law.

Goal:  Advanced exploration of the integration of theological concepts with pastoral leadership, and legal implications in the ministry.

Bachelor’s Degrees:

  1. Philosophy: Comprehensive study in philosophical reasoning: Foundation for critical thinking and analytical skills.
  2. Theology: In-depth exploration of theological doctrines: Spiritual beliefs and their implications for personal and community life.
  3. Project Management: Practical and theoretical knowledge in planning, executing, and managing projects efficiently within diverse organizational contexts.


Legal Studies: Foundational understanding of legal frameworks, principles, and their application in various contexts.

Conflict Management: Skills in identifying, managing, and resolving conflicts effectively in both personal, pastoral, and professional environments.

Information Management, Communication, and Technology: Proficiency in managing information systems, enhancing religious communication, and utilizing technology for effective evangelization, information dissemination, and operational efficiency.

Fr. Murori served as a member of the AMECEA (Association Member of Episcopal Conference of Eastern Africa) SCCs training team, which promotes SCCs activities at the regional level (nine Countries in Eastern Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Malawi, Zambia, Eritrea, and South Sudan).

At the diocesan level, Fr. Murori coordinated all the activities of SCCs, which are:

  • Planning and organizing training of lay pastoral leaders for engagement in parishes.
  • Facilitating the Workshops for effective leadership and management.
  • Creating and evaluating programs for the ministry of the Small Christian communities.
  • Promoting family and youths’ faith formation programs.
  • Outsource donor funding and partnerships to support pastoral ministry in the Diocese.
  • Organizing justice and peace conferences annually for the laity.
  • Providing spiritual and pastoral leadership.