Rev. Fr. Lawrence Murori

Rev. Fr. Lawrence Murori is a priest in the Diocese of Meru, the coordinator of the Small Christian Communities in the Diocese.

Fr. Murori is the first SCCs coordinator in the Diocese of Meru, and he is a Doctoral Degree candidate at Oblates University, School of Theology in Texas, in the USA. He owns a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University, New Orleans, USA. Fr Murori was awarded with Kairos Award by Loyola University, New Orleans for his academic excellence in Pastoral studies and Ministry, on May 10th, 2019.

He owns a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from Urbaniana University, Rome and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Kenya.

Fr Murori is a member of the AMECEA (Association Member of Episcopal Conference of Eastern Africa) SCCs training team that promotes SCCs activities at the regional level (9 Countries in Eastern Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Malawi, Zambia, Eritrea and South Sudan).

At the diocesan level Fr Murori coordinates all the activities of SCCs which run through:

  • Organizing the training of lay the ministers for pastoral engagement in the parishes.
  • Facilitating the Workshops.
  • Creating and evaluating programs for the ministry of the Small Christian communities, along with the Diocesan team of lay leaders.
  • Planning and promoting the family, and youth counseling.
  • Outsource donor funding and partnerships to support the ministry.
  • Organizing the justice and peace conferences annually for the laity.
  • Promote the training of SCCs leaders for effective leadership and management.
  • Providing spiritual and pastoral leadership.

He has produced a working program that is in use, throughout the Diocese during SCCs regular weekly meetings, and the program is very helpful to the ministry of SCCs. It contains:

The Introductory notes,

The Enthronement of the Bible, and

The seven steps of Gospel sharing.