Marriage and family Program

This program attempts to help the couples answer questions like: why do couples struggle? How can the couples live a happy marriage and family relationship? How can they repair a broken relationship and find commitment? Is it possible to identify problems and find healing through good communication and Jesus? Can the Church contribute to happy marriage and family life?


  1. Couple/Family praying together

SCCs are made from Christian families that prays together: like the saying that “A family that prays together lives together”, we encourage the families to believe, know and make God the center of their family and marriage life. Small Christian communities in the Meru Diocese promote the belief that marriage institution is a sacred covenant authored by God through the programs: “Centering God” and “Life -Time Love”




This program encourages the spouses to get lost in God’s love first to ensure their love for one another is living the of the “I Do” they made even if not in the Church, but they are still looking forward to celebrating their love in the church. The couples are encouraged to return love when one is injured and pursue to love in order to avoid pain and they should name it costly love.

            Through this program many spouses have come to realize their differences, unique qualities and how they are meant to complement one another. This program has made many families come to appreciate God as the center of their family life and it has invited spouses to engage in conversation to discover the hidden benefits of marriage. They have discovered the power of forgiveness and that fear robs them successful marriage and families.

            The program has helped families thrive and have a life -long relationship between man and woman by learning to endure all trials and brokenness and thus fulfilling the scripture; “What God has joined together, let nothing separate” (Mt 19:4-6).

            The program stimulates conversation with faith, better communication, getting lost in God’s love to save the marriage and active listening to God and one another. They end up believing that when God becomes the center of family and marriage life, children therefore, are seen as God’s blessing that should be raised, shaped and prepared for God’s glory and service.


Marriage Preparation

 Serious conversation between those intending to marry is fostered to encourage and educate them on life-long love. They receive genuine advice from the older couples who have had successful marriage and family life. Family education and marital expectations are exposed to those starting their marriage and family life. Here the spouses are helped to start conceptualizing their roles as parents as that of holistic upbringing of children promoting their spiritual, moral and psychological development and fostering family values, mentoring the children and provide opportunities for them

During this program the spouses get information on how to discover their strengthens and weaknesses, how to define a problem, contributions and solutions to their family and marriage challenges, opposites (differences, unique qualities and complementarity), and maintaining a healthy fun in their marriage.

            The spouses are offered the following three ways to nurture marriage they want.

  1. Accepting Love
  2. A loyal love
  3. An enduring love