5th Sunday of Easter Year B


We are deeply rooted in Christ’s love. The risen Christ is the source of all we need to grow closer to God. In the first reading, we hear how, shortly after his conversion, St. Paul was initially treated with fear and disdain by those he had been persecuting. Paul’s zeal for the Lord was grounded in a personal encounter with Christ that made him aware that he was loved completely despite all he had done. This knowledge encouraged him to spread the Good News.

As a faithful worshipping Jew, Paul would have been familiar with praying today’s Psalm, an encouraging song of praise that foretells how generations yet to come will be filled with the love of the Lord.

In the Second Reading, we are reminded of the immense and all-forgiving love of God. No matter how we may feel we have fallen short, we need not be afraid. This love sets us free to live out the great commandment to love one another, to forgive as we have been forgiven.

Jesus uses the beautiful image of a vine carefully tended by the Father to describe his and our relationship with God. We are all sustained in an intimate co-existence with the Holy Trinity. Therefore, Jesus invites us to remain close to him because our life is nothing without him, but with him, we discover our true identity and purpose.

This week, let us live with awareness that we are branches of one vine, rooted in God’s love. Although we may have our differences and shortcomings, we are forever loved completely by a God of compassion, love, and forgiveness. Let us pray that, like St Paul, we will have the grace to live out this amazing Good News.

Joy and peace.