3rd Sunday of Easter year B


Today’s readings celebrate the living Christ, our advocate who dwells with the Father. We can ask him to lift up the light of his face on us to encourage us to overcome our fearfulness and weakness of faith. In the first reading, Peter insists that even those responsible for Christ’s death are not without hope. They, too, are called to repent and turn their face back to God.

In the second reading, John reminds the community of believers that the Christian life demands continuous attention to Christ’s teachings. Following this Way of love in our daily lives will invite us into an ever-deepening relationship with God.

Luke continues the story of the resurrection as the risen Lord appears to his fearful friends. Jesus, in his comforting and emboldening presence, bolsters their faith by joining them for a meal. He invites them to touch his body before finally breaking open the word of Scripture. We, like the disciples, need the risen Christ to comfort and embolden our lives of faith.

The Psalmist, having been delivered from anguish, expresses deep trust and confidence in the Lord of all. This prayer is a testament to the security and peace that comes from placing our faith in Him.

In a world both ablaze with the wonders of science and technology and with some people languishing in war and profound injustice, let us pray that the Lord will satisfy our restless and fearful hearts.

Joy and peace.