The Ascension of the Lord


We have now come to this Sunday of the ascension of the Lord. And as we look to the culmination of Eastertide with Pentecost Sunday next week, Jesus invites us to enter another dimension of seeing our Christian calling in this life. He (Jesus) commands us to go out into the entire world and proclaim the Good News. Jesus gives this command as he changes his dimension of existence into this life to another realm of existing. After teaching his disciples about the kingdom of God for forty days, as Luke reports, he now commissions them to continue spreading it further through their missionary witness. Mark in the Gospel of today highlights that sending. And indeed, Pope Francis in  his Encyclical Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel), reminds us of it when he says, “The Word of God constantly challenges those who believe in him “to go forth” … the Church that “goes forth” is a community of missionary disciples who take the first step, who are involved and supportive.”

            Therefore, to respond to this command faithfully, let us ask ourselves what does it mean to be missionary disciples today? Jesus is seeking our entire and free disposal to God’s will to allow God to use us to bring change in our world. It is to make God present in our world today through our witness in our different states of life. The sending that Jesus does to his disciples must resonate with us today to make us the church that goes forth to all.

            Jesus who is described as ascending into heaven reminds us of our Christian dimension that requires changing our world to appear in God’s dimension. Paul alludes to this kind of dimension when he wishes the Ephesians the growth in gifts of hope, faith, and knowledge of God. Our willingness to become the missionary disciples will bring the presence of God; the Kingdom of God that Jesus took 40 days after his resurrection preparing his disciples for. The orientation he gave them about this dimension should enable them to take it forth. Throughout the Easter period, we have had the opportunity to be oriented hear the command of Jesus to go and proclaim the Gospel to all the ends of the earth, and this Sunday comes as an end to Jesus’ earthly mission, and as a beginning to our missionary road of proclamation. Let us go forth as in every mass this is the sending.

Christian Action This Week: As you prepare to receive the Holy Spirit promised by the Lord, reach out to someone with hope.

Joy and Peace.