6th Sunday of Easter year B

As Eastertide draws close to its culmination at Pentecost, we have now come to the sixth Sunday. And on this Sunday, the readings show the two deeper senses of God’s love: profoundly faithful and fully overwhelming. So, let us focus on God’s universal love shared to us without partiality and emphasized upon by Jesus Christ, when he says, “Remain in my love…this I command you.” (John 15:9-17)

            What does it mean to remain/abide in Jesus’ love? In today’s psalm the singer is breaking into a joyous song because the Lord has saved all peoples. The Lord has shown no partiality in loving us- His love is so profound that everyone can rejoice in it. Certainly, the event of Jesus’ death and resurrection that we continue to reflect upon these days of Easter is about God’s profound and overwhelming love for all. When we take delight in God’s love and let is break open our hearts and overflow to others, we shall make a difference in this world. So, to remain in Jesus’ love is to make a difference by loving one another after Jesus’ example. With these words, “Remain in my love,” Jesus entered the heart of St. Teresa of Calcutta who devoted her life in showing God’s profound and overwhelming love to the poor, and the destitute in the streets of Calcutta. Today, even as India continues to battle the deadly Covid19 crisis, may St. Teresa’s heart of love and compassion be close to them in prayers and spiritual comfort. St. Maximillian Kolbe gave his life to let his fellow prisoner live. A great example of someone who gave it all like the Lord himself for others. Nowadays as married couples struggle to become a true mutual donation to each other, Maximillian Kolbe has a tip for them to endure in their unselfish love. Also St. Lawrence the deacon and martyr, was roasted in fire because of his love for the poor and the needy. These are just few examples of those men and women who remained in God’s faithful love and made a difference in the lives of others.

And what does it mean to love one another? St. John in the second reading tells us that God is love and acts lovingly. Therefore, to love one another is to bring God into the lives of others in truth, is to appreciate them in their differences, stop judging others out of unverified assumptions, and to have a listening ear and heart to their struggles, needs, pains, and even their joys. In doing so, we shall distribute the love we have received from God and make the world one people redeemed by God’s love for all.

And ourselves, to what extent is our love for God and others? Is there anything we could start doing differently to remain in God’s love?

Christian Action This Week: Respond to God’s invitation into an intimate relationship that makes a difference in our lives and those of others.

Joy and Peace