Pentecost Sunday year B

As we celebrate the culmination of the Eastertide with the receiving of the Holy Spirit, and the beginning of the Church’s mission to the world, let us be mindful of the ways we can grow and work together despite our differences of cultures, languages, tribes, race, and the social status. Let us celebrate all the riches and goodness that the Lord has given us through his Spirit and change the world around us with our diversity, richness, and love.

Therefore, on this day the Church came to birth, we might want to reflect on the various gifts and particular role that God has given each one of us, and how we can use them to work together in different ways towards a common aim. Paul in the second reading compares the imprisoning consequences of self-indulgence with the life-giving fruits of the Spirit. he reminds the Galatians that it was the presence of the Spirit dwelling within them would guarantee that they live the true Christian life. Similarly, these words should resonate with us today.

 In the Gospel, Jesus promises that the Spirit- the advocate, will come and continue to be with his disciples. He also invites them to begin to witness to the fullness of the Father’s message of love, with the guidance and companionship of the Advocate.

On this day when the barrier of language is removed between peoples and they are made one community that hears the wonders of God’s message, let open ourselves and get off the barrier of hatred and hear the wonderful message of love, peaceful mutual coexistence in our world today characterized by hatred along the racial divides, tribes, and class status. Let us build an exuberant and joyful families, communities, and groups of love, support, and care.

Joy and peace.