Palm Sunday year B

With the Palm Sunday we mark the beginning of Holy Week, the climax of Jesus’ mission. Jesus enters Jerusalem with the cheering crowd singing ‘Hosanna’ which means save us. Soon upon entering the City, they will turn against him and want him crucified.

            As we accompany Jesus in his suffering, let also remember during this past year, our lives have been dominated by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite that, Jesus has been with us all through and suffering with us. Like in the first reading, the servant gets strength from God’s presence with him, even in the worst circumstances. Isaiah’s prophecy is fulfilled in the person of Jesus the Messiah. It’s wonderful!

            Jesus our king and Savior by his death and later resurrection, has reconciled us with his Father. So, we have become heirs of his Kingdom. As we accompany Jesus this week, let us therefore, spread our hearts for our king to transform them into loving and humble hearts that reveals his reign in our lives. And as Paul urges us, even in our trials to be more Christ-like in our behaviour.

Christian Action This Week: As we look towards Easter, be filled with hope.

Joy and Peace.