5th Sunday of Lent year B

Unless a wheat grain falls on the ground and dies…!

As we journey through lent and now approach Holy Week, the doorway to Easter, let us embrace new life in Christ. To be a plant the seed would need to die. A seed is full of the potential of life and continues to be so. When a grain falls on the ground, it goes through some process, then the sprout appears and grows into a full plant. It ceases to be a seed so that the plant would live, the original identity of grain is no longer there. It ceases to exist in its self. This process gives a new kind of life.

            From today’s readings, just like the seed as the potential of life-giving, love also has the potential of giving a new kind of life. The process of love that God used to give us new life is through the coming, dying, and resurrection of his Son. Through this process, Jesus established the new covenant with God’s law written in our hearts.

            As the Psalmist prays, let us also pray for the clean heart with a steadfast spirit to receive new life brought through the process of dying love sealed by Jesus in the new covenant. It happened by his obedience and dying like a grain of wheat, thus, becoming our source of salvation as Paul affirms.

Christian Action This Week: Let us become dying grains to our sins to yield much life of love, justice, and peace