1st Sunday of Lent year B

We are in Lent, a new liturgical season. A time of penitential character, renewal, and Christian solidarity with others. It is, therefore, an opportunity to start again to deepen our relationship with God. Let us give thanks to God for giving us this season of grace. A time that is closely related to God’s Covenant and baptism, as the readings this Sunday highlight.

In the first reading, God establishes a peaceful covenant with Noah and his people symbolized by the rainbow. St. Peter in the second reading reminds us that as Noah got saved from the waters, so too, we were saved by the waters of baptism. Our salvation was through the waters of baptism in Christ symbolized by his resurrection. The Psalmist invites us into a suitable prayer at the beginning of our Lenten journey. A prayer that we may walk in God’s ways. The spirit of Lent invites us to trace back the lost path of God’s grace, merciful love, and justice. He will surely guide us to remain faithful to our relationship with Him. In the Gospel, after a successful war with Satan, evil spirits, and wild animals in the desert, Jesus invites us into a spiritual battle. His call to repentance marks the beginning of his ministry.

As we continue the Lenten journey amid the global uncertainty and challenges due to the pandemic, Jesus invites us to fight and repent the evil and sin of racism, tribalism, corruption, and selfishness. These sins prevent us from recommitting ourselves to the Covenantal relationship established with God through baptism in Christ Jesus. They also hinder our solidarity and communion. But the Spirit of the Lord in us, whom we received in baptism, strengthens us to fight the evil in our world and build a human family of solidarity and communion through almsgiving. In fasting, we also acknowledge God’s providential care to us expressed in the Gospel as Angels ministering to His Son.

Christian Action This Week: Prepare for the celebration of the Pascal Mystery. Keep the Catechumens in your prayers and love.

Joy and Peace.