5th Sunday in Ordinary Time year B

This Sunday, the readings encourage us to look deeply into the human experience of suffering. As I asked you to keep the metaphor of the journey and search in mind, today, these two metaphors will help us in our reflection. Then, we shall culminate their reference and usage today until after Lent and Easter. Along the journey of life and Christian vocation, we search for the meaning of life and who we are. Why evil and suffering? is a question that interrogates the meaning of life.

As our journey draws close to the Lenten season and ultimately Easter, let us keep our faith alive in Christ because it is only through Christ that pain and despair get transformed. Just like people in today’s Gospel, we are all longing for Christ.

In the first reading, Job recounts his pain and suffering, with nights that are long and days that are hopeless. Like Job, we may count our pain and suffering amid the global pandemic and its impact. But with the Psalmist, we can hope and praise God who heals our broken hearts with his great and mighty wisdom that can never be measured.

Paul acknowledging the responsibility laid upon him to preach the Gospel, he has become all things to all. His experience of Christ impels him to share the Good News. In the Gospel, Jesus is engaged in healing, praying, and preaching. He has a busy schedule to bring healing and comfort to the sick and struggling. Jesus is working hard to give meaning to the human searching for a meaningful life amid their suffering. He is our longing, hope, and comfort today in our needs and struggles.

Christian Action This Week: Make prayer the center and source of your strength to respond to the suffering and needy around you. Like Jesus, love first.

Joy and Peace