4th Sunday in Ordinary Time year B

On this Sunday, we get the lens to see our Christian journey and search through the Word. In doing so, as we move towards Lent and Easter, we also know who Jesus is.

            In the first reading, God promises to raise a prophet who will speak his Words to the people. The Prophet must be faithful to God’s message and Words. The Psalmist prays for an open heart to God’s Word that gives strength like that of a rock. The God who guides his people with his Word.

            And on a different view, St. Paul encourages us to be free from every distraction in this life and focus on the Lord the meaning of our being. In Jesus, that meaning is made clear, compelling, and prophetic. He is a different teacher, recognized by all and the demons. He is the Holy One, who silences every evil that threatens our lives; our being and gives it the true meaning.

            Our encounter with the powerful Jesus, the rock and meaning of existence, changes us and makes us witnesses to his love and power both in our words and being. Thus, our prophetic ministry and calling in our world today to fight the evil of injustice, corruption, covid19, and so forth get shaped.

Christian Action This Week: Remember your baptism and the power it gave you to become a prophet. Be rooted in God’s Word, Our light, and rock.

Joy and peace.