With this Sunday of the solemnity of Christ, King of the universe, we have now come to the end of the liturgical calendar year A. The Lord, the King, and ruler of the universe reveals himself as a Shepherd. His reign is that of care and nurturing, gathering the scattered sheep and tending them. The Psalmist invites us to appreciate that, with such a shepherd, we shall not want anything because his love and goodness follow us all our days. With his message of the resurrection when Christ will deliver his kingdom to the Father, St. Paul is deepening our understanding of the sense of belongingness to Christ’s reign of life and victory.

 Jesus taking the image of the Shepherd who gathers his flock and then separates the good from the bad invites us to reflect on our belongingness to his reign of justice, mercy, and care. Whenever we revealed our justice, mercy, and care to the poor and needy, we revealed the face of the reigning shepherd in our lives and their lives too.

            As we continue to experience the difficulties and challenges of our times, and as we struggle to navigate the challenging terrain of these days, we might feel lost and scattered. But all the same, we should not lose the focus of our just, merciful, and caring Shepherd king; Jesus, the Lord of the universe. Loving Him and our neighbor is our true commitment to living to the ideals of His kingdom. The King identifies himself as the poor and the needy neighbor, thus encouraging us to live our daily experience of those who are welcomed and not doomed, by welcoming the poor and needy. By so allowing God’s love to reign in our hearts and minds, we shall claim to belong to his kingdom. Therefore, today’s solemnity of Christ the king ends the Church’s liturgical calendar year on a high point; AS A ROYAL SHEPHERD, CHRIST IS LEADING US INTO THE KINGDOM OF HIS FATHER.

Christian Action This Week: Lead others into the kingdom of Christ the king by your generous service.

Joy and Peace.