33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A,15/11/2020

This Sunday marks both the end of the ordinary time and the preparation for the closure of the liturgical year, as we look forward to the feast of Christ, King of the Universe, next Sunday. Today’s message is a continued reminder of the need to stay awake attentive to the coming of the Lord, that the New Testament authors thought was too soon.

To be attentive/awake is highlighted in the first reading with an example of a good wife who has good qualities of service. She relates well with her husband, the poor and the needy, and others. She is hardworking and trustworthy. The Psalm is the acknowledgment of the blessings that come from the reverential relationship with the Lord. The human family is one of the blessings that shapes human relationships in the world. Indeed, our families are the privileged places to stay awake to the presence of God, who revealed himself as a family of three divine persons. St. Paul, in the second reading, encourages us to stay awake for the Day of the Lord by living in the light of Christ Jesus. In the Gospel, the faithfulness and hard work of the two servants are praised and rewarded while the lazy and fearful servant scorned and worthlessly dismissed.

Taking the powerful image of the family used in the first reading and the Psalm, and how that image is an articulate revelation of God as a family, the talents are an image of love. Love is the only thing that God has to give us, and love that is to be invested through the service of others in the human family. Without love, God seems to be absent in our world. But he is present in the love of his people. From last Sunday’s gospel reading, let us keep our lamps burning. With the flame of love in our hearts, ready to serve others and encounter one another with mercy and peace.

Considering the social dimension of our life and how much we need one another, we can appreciate the unique gifts and skills that we must put into use to serve other people with love.  Consequently, we shall add meaning and value to our lives.  By remaining awake and attentive to our gifts and skills, and how much the human family needs them, likewise, we shall embody the qualities of a good wife in the first reading. The blessings that the Psalmist sings and the parable of the “Well done, good and faithful servant” will become our story.

Christian Action This Week: Think of the ways to improve your services to others. Try to relate closely with the story of the hardworking servant, the well done good and faithful servant.

Joy and peace.