18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, 02/08/2020

Few weeks ago, my friend here in the USA invited me for a meal and said, Fr Lawrence, it has been a year since you visited us for a meal. We still miss you and as a family, we love to invite you again for a meal. When I responded that evening for dinner, I was received with warm and loving hearts, joy and a great sense of reliving our love and friendship. I experienced generosity and love from this family and was grateful.

Similarly, this Sunday, the readings have this message that God has great love for us. He not only gives his life but also desires to sustain and nourish us generously. God through his prophet invites us all to a sacred free meal and our response of obedience is required, which prophet Isaiah expresses through the word “listen”.  He satisfies our thirst and hunger. The psalm is a song sung during meals to praise God for his care to his creatures, giving them nourishment. Paul assures us of the ever-present love of God for us, and nothing can separate us from that love, not even trials and sufferings of this life.  Even with grief because of John’s death, Jesus responds to the people’s needs and concerns with love and compassion. He heals the sick and feeds the hungry with plenty until they are satisfied, and something is left over.

We are all searching for the meaning of life that can only be found in God alone our ultimate fulfilment. Our hearts are restless until they find rest in God, and as Christian disciples, our true satisfaction can be found in God’s love and relationship. So too, we must develop and treat one another with Jesus’ attitude of love and compassion. When we always gather to share bread and wine; the Eucharist, always keep in mind that, we relive, deepen, and renew our love and relationship with God and one another.

Joy and peace.