19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, 09/08/2020

This Sunday, the Gospel has images of wind, sea, boat, and the Mountain. In the biblical culture, the sea is the symbol of chaos. Often, it is identified with threats and death. Faced with threatening contrary wind, the disciples are afraid and no peace at all. Just as the disciples with their poor boat on the sea, we find ourselves buffeted by the contrary wind. The present life challenges and difficulties are causing fear, anxiety, and trauma. For instance, the delayed decisions thus, dividing us and affecting our peaceful co-existence, domestic conflicts, lost academic year and students’ anxieties, economic struggles, early motherhood, floods, and so much more, are our present storms. They are causing instability and a threat to our lives. But trusting in the One God who revealed himself to Prophet Elijah in a small still voice and taking the courageous faith of Peter, we shall not sink in the sea of life.

Again, let us take the path of Jesus, the path of prayer in solitude to discover peace in the midst of these waves. Prayer might help us to focus our gaze on Jesus who is stretching out his hand to reach out to us in our challenges and adversity of life. In prayer, we shall hear him telling us, “courage! It is I.” With these words, our ever-present God reaches out to us and brings peace especially, amid storms of our lives.

We all sometimes have the experience of Elijah; when peace reigns and God is revealed in our gentle breeze of life. On the other hand, that of Peter when our courageous faith is tested. But above all we can all in our different ways and giftedness, offer to others the experience of stretching out our hand in the imitation of Christ, to lift others from sinking in the sea of life. In the second reading, Paul lacks peace because of his brothers who reject Christ and they must be helped not to sink.

Christian Action this week: Lift someone who is sinking in life. Become a gift of peace to others around you. Don’t judge anyone but be kind to all.

Joy and peace.