17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, 26/07/2020

Once again, on this Sunday, Jesus continues to teach utilizing parables. For the last two Sundays Jesus has been teaching us through his parables how to become productive in the Kingdom of God and develop as Christian disciples in that Kingdom. This Sunday, again, using the parables of the hidden treasure, the Merchant, and the fishing net, he is stressing in particular, the value of the Kingdom.

We have images of the most desirable thing in life such as love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace. These are good values in human life and all other things are subordinate to them. When we possess these values, we make the kingdom of God a reality here and now. By living these values, we certainly become the treasure that has been found worthy by God for his kingdom on the last day. Besides, our hearts too become a treasure when filled with these virtues of heaven.

 Solomon values wisdom from above to govern his people well and with understanding. As Christian disciples, it’s our opportune time to discover the hidden treasure in God’s call to love and live the truth. And our radical choice to encounter God through these virtues and our regular life activities is a form of wisdom to govern our Christian life and human relationships. To illustrate this point, St. Paul reveals, that, there’s a relationship of mutuality between those who are faithful followers and the generosity of the Father, who justifies and glorifies those he has called.

This week try to find the Kingdom of God in a peace-love filled heart and daily activities of life.

Joy and Peace.