1st Sunday of Lent year A, 01/03/2020

The first reading is a bout the fall of man while the second reading is about the grace brought by one Man; Jesus Christ.   The Psalms is the acknowledgment of God’s merciful love, and the gospel is Jesus temptations in the wilderness/desert.

During lent, we loose self importance and discover the self. While in the process of self discovery we may be tempted into denial, self glory and materialistic lifestyle, the Spirit that led Jesus always leads us to the true acceptance and the practice of alms giving, prayer and penance.
The Great Paschal Mystery ahead of us invites us to enter into our own desert of purification through the three pillars. In doing that, we admit that our human condition here on earth is fragile and needs God’s Grace that leads us to the eternal Joy.
Christian Action This Week: Learn to Recognize the Presence of God in others.
Joy and Peace.