7th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

We are now on the 7th Sunday of the Ordinary Time of the liturgical year. We are about to enter a sacred time of Lent; a time of preparation for the Paschal Mystery.

The first reading invites us to holiness of life through love, like God who is holy. The psalm is a song of worship to bless God for showing his mercy and kindness, pardoning iniquities and healing all the ills, the Lord who is slow to anger.  St. Paul reminds us that we are precious because we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and guided by the wisdom of God, we live and belong to God through Christ Jesus. Jesus invites us to be perfect like God our Father is perfect, and this perfection is possible by love.

It is evident that we are living in the world with too much violence, injustice and hatred. Jesus’ proposal to love, even our enemies is real. Our way of being should be love and our attitude should be of persons convinced of God’s love. In fact, Jesus is asking for a revolution of love that only relies on God’s goodness, mercy and love. With this newness of the gospel we can truly change our world. Let us believe in God’s love and then spread it to our world.

Joy and Peace.