24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A


The Lord is compassionate, loving, slow to anger, and merciful. This message flows from this Sunday’s readings, reminding us again of God’s boundless love and compassion. God’s unconditional love for us and the sacrifice of Jesus’ death points to God’s limitless mercy. Therefore, we should not limit the compassion and forgiveness we show others.

The first reading from Ecclesiasticus encourages us to avoid resentment, anger, and hatred and live by God’s commandments. Showing true forgiveness and compassion for others, whatever the hurt we have experienced, will set us free. The Psalm is a hymn of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. We are reminded that we are not treated according to our sins: we receive the unimaginable depth and breadth of God’s love and forgiveness.

In the second reading, St. Paul teaches the Romans how our lifestyle influences those around us. We belong to Christ, Lord of the dead and the living, and we lead others to him through our lives.

The Gospel parable of the merciful king and his unforgiving servant reiterates the key message that we must love and forgive others because of the love and compassion God has shown us despite the depth of our sins.

This week, let us pray that we are not trapped in the cycles of bitterness and division but that we learn to forgive.

Joy and peace