14th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year A


Jesus invites us to come to him, and he will give us rest. This Sunday, let us praise God, and rejoice in his merciful love, justice, and peace, the themes which run through the readings. The first reading from Zechariah describes how God will defeat his enemies and establish himself as king – not through war and aggression, but with humility and peace. The Psalm is a great hymn of praise, central to the Jewish faith. The Psalmist speaks of God’s kindness and compassion to all, reassuring us that the Lord will always be faithful and loving, ready to support and raise us up when we fall.

In the second reading to the Romans, Paul reminds us of what the suffering and death of Jesus have achieved for us. He speaks of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. And in today’s Gospel, Jesus, through his prayer to his Father in Heaven, reminds us that he is the one who will reveal God to us. Jesus emphasizes the virtues of humility and gentleness for us to attain the gifts of rest and freedom he promises. Hearing the promise of Jesus this week, let us pray for the people whose lives are burdened so that they may know the love and peace of Christ.

Joy and Peace.