13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A.


The readings this week focus on hospitality and welcome, as well as the rewards we receive when we welcome others. In the first reading, Elisha, a ‘holy man of God,’ is regularly offered bed and board. As a result, he decides to reward his hosts with a much-longed-for son and heir. The Psalm is a song of praise for the Lord’s love and mercy.

St Paul stresses to the Romans that in Baptism, we die to our old selves and are reborn to a new life with Christ.

In the Gospel, Jesus continues to instruct his disciples. Following him will not always be easy, but it will have its own rewards or blessings. Whether one welcomes a prophet, a holy person, or the smallest ‘little one,’ a good deed, even the simplest cup of water, will not go unnoticed. In welcoming others, we welcome Jesus himself.

This week, let us reflect and realize that welcoming others, especially the least of our brothers and sisters, we do it for the Lord.

Joy and Peace.