The Ascension of the Lord, Year A


As Christ ascends to heaven, he promises to be with us always, and he commissions us to be his living message of hope, love, and compassion in a world rallying with a cry for peace. Christ is the head of the Church, and we are the body, filled with his wisdom and power to transform all creation. We are not left to struggle on our own because the risen Christ fills us with his Holy Spirit so that we who believe are his witnesses to the ends of the earth.

Jesus’s disciples do not dwell on their loss at his departure from their sight but are joyful at realizing that he is now with them forever. Using words, songs, and actions of joy and exultation, the Psalm brings us to the heart of the event we celebrate today.

The readings and liturgy for this beautiful feast day invite us all to share in the amazement of those first disciples of Jesus so that we, too, can become joyful followers of Christ.

This week, let us think of the opportunity to proclaim the joy of the Good News to as many people as possible. We also continue to pray for the peace in Sudan and the world.

Joy and peace.