Sixth Sunday of Easter Year A


Eastertide is drawing to an end, and there is a sense that an important event is about to happen. This week’s readings reassure us that we will not be left without comforting support.

In the First Reading, we see how active the Apostles are in spreading the Good News. They are welcomed even in Samaria, and the people receive the Holy Spirit. The Psalm expresses the joy they must have felt, which we can imagine them with gratitude praying: Before you, all the earth shall bow, shall sing to you, sing to your name!’

However, all was more than just sailing for these new communities. They often encountered persecution. Peter tries to encourage them, reminding them of the sufferings of the innocent Jesus. They are to answer their accusers with courtesy and respect. In the Gospel, Jesus reassures his friends. He will not leave them without support, as ‘orphans,’ but will ask his Father to send them help after he has left. The Spirit of truth will be with them.

This week, let us reflect on Jesus’s promises and draw strength from them to speak to others about our beliefs confidently.

Joy and peace.