4th Sunday of Easter Year A


On this Good Shepherd Sunday, the Gospel for each yearly cycle is always taken from St John, chapter 10, where Jesus speaks of himself as a Good Shepherd. In today’s Gospel, Jesus compares and contrasts himself with those religious leaders who lack any real commitment or sense of responsibility to those in their care. The sheep do not recognize such leaders, but they know and are ready to follow the Good Shepherd, who alone enters by the gate. Jesus is warning his listeners to be discerning about those they listen to and those they follow.

Today’s Psalm, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd,’ tells us that God always cares for us, as a shepherd cares for the sheep.  In the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, Peter calls all to conversion, while the second reading reminds us that when we stray, we can return to the Lord.

This Sunday is also known as Vocations Sunday, so we could ponder the following questions: On what am I spending my energies? Who do I listen to and follow? How am I giving witness to my faith, and what contribution am I making to the building up of truth, love, justice, and tolerance? Moreover, how and from where do I hear the Good Shepherd daily?

Joy and peace.