3rd Sunday of Easter Year A.


The readings for this week are full of reminders of what Jesus’s resurrection has brought for us. Joy, Glory, Praise, Hope, and Faith are woven through each reading, inviting us to share again in the Eastertide celebration. In the first reading, Peter reminds the crowd that, despite the terrible injustice done to Jesus, God has shown victory over death and raised Jesus to glory. With this comes the power of the Holy Spirit, outpour for us all.

The Psalmist rejoices in the God who stands by and protects us from all dangers and will show us the path to everlasting happiness. In the second reading, we hear Peter again, speaking of how Jesus gave his life as a ‘ransom’ for our sins. Because of this, all who believe can have faith and hope in God.

We join two of Jesus’s disciples in the Gospel on their journey to Emmaus, blind to the identity of the risen Lord as he walks with them. When Jesus reveals himself to them in the breaking of bread, they finally recognize him just as he disappears from their sight.

Unlike the disciples, we have never seen Jesus himself – but because of the faith we have been given, we can see and recognize him in the people and situations around us.

This week, let’s pray for the wisdom and courage to respond wherever we see Jesus in the needs of others.

Joy and peace.