20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C


            This Sunday, God’s word encourages us to keep our eyes fixed on God, burn with fire for holiness, and find strength in prayer.

In the first reading, Prophet Jeremiah’s commitment leads him to a distressing situation by speaking a message of truth that could bring change to the status quo. The psalm is a prayer for help from the Lord when we face similar situations like the prophet calling us to make firm decisions.

            In the second reading, St. Paul describes a Christian’s life as a life of running the race aiming to win and receive a reward. Such a life requires a serious commitment and decision to win the prize.

In the Gospel, Jesus takes the image of fire to describe the zeal that his disciples must have to purify the world. Fire burns and destroys, but also it purifies. Our passion and commitment to Jesus should be like a fire that purifies us and our world.

This week, let us ask for God’s help and strength as we seek to make decisions to live the holiness of life.

Joy and peace.