3rd Sunday of Easter, Year C

‘It is the Lord!’


We continue to proclaim Easter joy and the message of hope; we see the strength of those who have witnessed the resurrection. We witness the love of the risen Christ and the power of his resurrection. In the first reading, we see the Apostles, despite the threat of persecution, bravely announce that Jesus has risen.

The second reading takes us to a vision of heaven. The author shares a vision where the whole of heaven and creation bows before the Lamb that was sacrificed.

Our Gospel passage relates how the risen Christ shows himself to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias and how he challenges Peter to affirm his love three times. The Psalm is a song of praise and thanksgiving that Christ himself and his disciples sang.

 Perhaps this week, we can praise the Lord for all the signs of resurrection around us as we see the mystery of his Passion and resurrection in our world.

Joy and peace.