Easter Sunday, Year C


Welcome to the Easter season! It will be a journey of fifty days of meditation on the Lord’s Resurrection. Today, we begin it by visiting the empty tomb with Mary, Peter, and John. They all failed to understand the teaching of the scripture at first, but then John sees and believes, just as the Scriptures will invite us to reflect, ponder, and treasure these things in our hearts throughout the fifty days.

The first reading depicts the evangelist Peter sharing with the household of Cornelius the Good News that he had received. The day made by the Lord has come to Cornelius and his family. The psalmist sings of this day that has also come to us who believe in the Lord’s resurrection. Peter’s desire, energy, and conviction to witness this day are evident. He (Peter) rejoices and is glad for this day. We, too, must rejoice and be glad for this day and “seek the things above where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.”

Our belief in the resurrected Jesus brings us the fruit of forgiveness, which clears out the yeast of evil to make way for the gifts of sincerity and truth.

Therefore, this week, with gratitude for what the Lord has done for us, let us go out and bear witness to his name through our lives of peace, joy, and hope.

Happy Easter!