27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B


            “Let the little children come to me.” These are the words of Jesus inviting the children to him. He put his arms around them and gave them his blessing. On this Sunday of the liturgical calendar, Jesus is teaching on the sanctity of marriage and a divine institution intended by God. Thus, today, Jesus asks us to reflect on the importance and centrality of loving relationships to express our faith as blessed children of God.

            Our salvation story from the first reading gives a vision of humanity in a harmonious relationship with nature. God formed us from the earth, and we live upon and share with creation. Men and women are helpmates for each other, and we all have a task to care for God’s creation. The psalmist sings of the blessings from the Lord to those who fear him, and therefore, they should live in loving relationships and peace.

            The theology outlined in the second reading reveals the solidarity and compassion of the Lord with his creation and especially humanity. He suffered death, leading to the resurrection. When we live in touch with this essential truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection as an event of a loving relationship, we shall live his law of love. Jesus knows this too well, and when the Pharisees try to exert their authority and power, he lets them know how they lost touch with this essential truth. His subsequent blessing of the little children challenges us to respect the dignity of marriage and family as a loving relationship intended by God.

This week, pray for families to be filled with the love of Christ and blessings and that families may bring forth a harmonious society together with nature.

Joy and peace.