12th Sunday in ordinary Time

This Sunday, we can join the singer in today’s psalm to give thanks to God for his everlasting mercy revealed during our struggles, pains, and threatening moments in our lives.

            As we Look back to the terrain of life that we have navigated and now, the hope that we continue to live with, we can only join the Hebrew singer in thanking God for his everlasting mercy. The singer acknowledges that the Lord has done wonders with his power,  and he has rescued his friends from distress and given them peace. Overwhelmed by God’s powerful love, the storms of doubts and fear will be insignificant to us. And God calms everything in our lives that threatens our peace while continuing to speak to us with words of calm, as He did to Job.

            This overwhelming love of God is shown in the gospel when Jesus rebukes the wind and waves, and they obey him. In all this divine power revealing event, the divine nature of God is made known. Who can this be?  Filled with awe, the disciples asked. Their question may be seeking our faith response as well.

            And so, this week, when we begin to ponder and respond to this question, and although we may be experiencing storms blowing around and within us, let us become aware of the divine presence.

Christian Action This Week: Help someone to be peaceful and secure and to give thanks to God for His never-ending mercy.

Prayer to St. Joseph.

Joy and Peace.