11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday, the readings have images derived from the natural world to teach us eternal truths. Using images from nature, we are encouraged to draw from the wisdom of God as expressed in the natural world.

            Recently, I took a nature walk through the forest. Surrounded by tall trees, I heard a symphony of sounds around me. They came from the beautiful melodies of birds, insects, and the breeze across the forest. I also experienced the running peaceful water streams and calming breeze of the spring that elevated my soul and gave a feeling of relaxation. I felt so free among the trees and the creatures that made their home there. Indeed, so relaxed and tuned with nature. Such was great harmony, and my spirit related to nature until I realized how I am a part of nature. From that enriching nature walk, I am still pondering what more is in the universe?

            Prophet Ezekiel uses a shoot from a mighty cedar tree to describe how God’s kingdom grows and spread in the universe and how God is at work throughout His creation. The Psalmist sings of the cedar of Lebanon and the palm tree and how those whose life is rooted in the Lord will bear fruits.

            To connect with our human nature, Jesus uses similar images of God’s seeds of love growing slowly in us and bearing fruits in ways that we don’t even realize. If we take a nature walk within ourselves patiently, we shall also know the power of growth in us and that the kingdom of God is within us. Think of someone in your life who needs mercy and not judgment. Just become aware of the spirit of growth and nourishment within you towards forgiveness and love. Please, provide shelter and care to that person. In the second reading, Paul encourages us to be confident in our faith and place our trust in Christ. In doing so, let this growth take place in us.

Christian Action This Week: Become a living expression of God’s kingdom on Earth.


Joy and peace.