3rd Sunday of Lent year B

As we continue our Lenten journey, we have come to a point to dedicate ourselves anew to keep God’s law. Let us think of God’s love and mercy shown through the wisdom and power of Christ. The cross for us is a sign and quality of God’s love.

Having rescued his people from slavery, God gives them the Ten Commandments. They are to guide the people for liberation and right-living and not oppression. Their relationship with God and one another must be of faithful love and thanksgiving. The Gospel challenges us to remain faithful to God’s commandments. But greed lures us to turn God’s presence into a marketplace. With Jesus as the real sign and wisdom of God’s presence, salvation from our selfishness is through his death and resurrection. Paul reflects on Jesus’ death and notes that the greedy interpret it as foolishness while for him, Jesus’ death is a demonstration to the world of God’s power and wisdom.

On this third Sunday of Lent, let us join the Psalmist to ask God to revive our soul’ and make us follow His law. With our souls renewed in his love, we shall conquer our greed and have room for God and one another through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Christian Action This Week: Empty your heart of every corruption and greed. Become a holy dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Joy and Peace