On this second Sunday of advent, the call to repentance lies at the heart of the liturgy of the word. We are called to a change of heart as we long for a better world of justice, peace, and love.

Israel must be comforted by the Lord’s mercy and with a voice of strength proclaim the goodness of the Lord. Their weariness in suffering is coming to an end because God who is fighting for their lives as a warrior and shepherd is coming. The Psalmist joins our prayer for God’s mercy and salvation, thus, revealing God’s inners ways and intentions that, he is a God of peace, mercy, faithfulness, and justice and that he longs to help us.

As we know that one of the attitudes of advent is to look forward in waiting, St. Peter advises us to wait patiently. As we do that, we seek holiness of Christian living, pleasing God and allowing his peace to fill us. In the Gospel, the lifestyle of John invites us into a radical calling to repentance and embrace the way of humility.

The saints accepted the radical call to repentance, and they received God’s mercy and peace. An example is St. Augustine of Hippo who was lost in the world of pleasure but made a radical change. St. Paul who persecuted the church of God also made a radical change after his encounter with Christ, and he became a great Apostle of the Gentiles. God’s mercy and peace are limitless and awaits us. Hurry up!

Christian Action this week: In our world torn apart by self-serving actions and fear, become an instrument of change.  Create also a channel of peace and justice around you. Light up the second advent candle of peace.

Joy and peace.