3rd Sunday of Lent year A, 15/03/2020

We began our Lenten journey with Jesus going to the desert led by the Spirit to be tested. Last Sunday, the 2nd Sunday of Lent we ascended the Mountain with Jesus and his disciples. Today, we meet Jesus at the well with the Samaritan woman.

In Lent we are truly invited to meet Jesus in a personal way. And certainly, we can meet him who understands our true needs and sees into our hearts and knows our true longing. This longing is expressed in the first reading by the Israelites in their desperate thirst. In their need for water the Lord provided them with water from the rock in the desert. Again, our longing to meet Jesus in a personal way matters more than anything else in life. It calls us to soften our hearts and listen to his voice as the Psalmists encourages us. In doing that, our personal relationship with God will start and develop, and our thirst for good life will be quenched.

In some way the Samaritan woman is a representation of our existential dissatisfaction of what we seek in life. Her conversation with the Lord changed everything that day and she went to invite others to experience the same. In the same way, our encounter with the Lord in his word, sacraments and life experiences can change everything in our faith journey, relationships and fill our hearts with love for God and one another. Consequently, with Saint Paul we can say that the love of God is poured in our hearts by his Holy Spirit and his grace makes us true witnesses of that love.

Christian Action this week: Open your heart to be filled with God’s love and then express it through actions than words.

Joy and peace