20th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C, 18/08/2019

We are now on the 20th Sunday of ordinary time and the readings suggests a message of living with warm hearts stirred by the promises of God above all things that the human heart desires. With this prayer, we reflect on our desire to fight against every evil. Jesus who came to bring fire on earth raises our morale and gives us courage and hope to endure all the challenges of our times.

In the first reading Jeremiah tells the leaders to surrender to Babylonians and make God their trust and hope. With this message the leaders are not at peace and they plan to kill him.

Jeremiah in some way foreshadows Christ.

The psalmist stirs our confidence and trust in God, the only one who comes to our help.

The second reading has the same message of stirring the Christian community to be steadfast and persevere on their journey of faith. The author encourages with the example of Christ himself and all others before him. Indeed, this makes the Christian community never lose hope.

In the Gospel, Jesus having taught his disciples how to love the neighbour through the example of a Good Samaritan, with the story of Mary and Martha he has taught them how to become his disciples, and he has taught them how to pray, he went on to teach them the need to possess God the true richness other than material things, he now reveals the anxiety in his ministry due to his imminent death which is shown by the opposition he faces in his ministry. He preaches peace and reconciliation though many don’t find that as good news and something helpful for them. In fact, Jesus’ birth heralded a time and message of peace. At the same time, he will be opposed as Simeon recounts in Jesus’ presentation in Luke’s gospel.

Our encounter with Jesus and his message is a moment of decision. Every decision we make has a price in it. Therefore, the call and decision to follow Christ requires our serious commitment and allegiance throughout our lives. It must have the priority over everything else even the bonds as those of families.

Jeremiah chose integrity and Jesus demands the same as well as commitment from each one of us. Jesus wants that fire to burn in our hearts.

Christian Action This Week: Take time alone in prayer listen to your inner voice. Are you feeling compelled to do something for your parish that can change/transform your parish or life around your neighborhood to a higher level? Decide! Be on fire towards that decision. This is the fire Jesus is calling you today to burn with.

Joy and peace