19th Sunday in ordinary Time year C, 11/08/2019

This Sunday readings highlights on the need to be ready for the Lord. The first reading is an account of people who remember the night of their exodus to the promised land. They were awake and ready when the Lord intervened on their behalf.

The psalm is a song from a soul filled with confidence and hope in God as it waits for him. The psalmist reflects on the concern that the Lord has shown for his people throughout generations. He reflects on being awake for the Lord’s doing.

The writer to the Hebrews reminds us of the absolute necessity of faith. It kept Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Sarah awake to the Lord’s promises they believed in. They kept in faith watching and waiting for the coming of the Lord.

The Gospel urgently demands us to be awake, ready for the action and to meet the Lord when he knocks at the door. Jesus has been warning his disciples against amassing riches and not becoming rich in God’s eyes. He now moves on further to advise them on being watchful/alert/awake.

We live in a world where sleep is walking around. We have lost the focus on what is truly important. Jesus is inviting us into a new way of thinking, seeing the world around us and a change of mind.

Christian Action This Week: Take time and Practice to be awake by answering these questions:

  1. Am I leading the life I want to lead?
  2. Am I the person that I want to be?

 Joy and Peace