13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C, 30/06/2019

After the precedent three feasts of the Lord, the second part of the ordinary time in the liturgical calendar begins. We now celebrate this 13th Sunday with an invitation to follow Christ.

Elisha is ready and willing to follow Elijah out of trust in him as a true prophet of God.

The psalmist acknowledges the safety and the reward in following the Lord. St. Paul reminds us that in Christ Jesus we realize our own potential to love and grow more into Christ-like.

Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem and he calls his disciples. This invitation to the disciples to follow him must take priority over everything else.

The call to discipleship and my response to it begin when I reflect on my personal life commitment to follow Christ.

Each one of us can reflect on the personal life commitment in your own state of life and how your response to follow Christ is revealed in that state of life.

Making a decision to follow Christ requires real commitment more than the human decision made by a beautiful lady to follow an intelligent, hardworking, loving and caring husband.

Ones decision to follow Christ without looking back even in the face of endless temptations in this world to look for fame, status, wealth and all sorts of worldly desires, makes such a person a disciple. Jesus remains the perfect choice and person, the ideal condition to follow without looking back.

What then causes us to look back?

    When we have promises to keep but weariness and failures keep weighing us down, we look back. But despite the weariness and failures to follow Christ, our commitment and determination is required.

Joy and Peace