Sixth Sunday of Easter, 2019

My peace I give unto you; let not your heart be troubled,

neither let it be afraid.

We have now reached the sixth Sunday of Easter. As we progress through Eastertide, the readings turn towards the promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit. In the first reading the Spirit influences the discussions to resolve the conflict between the early Christians during the Council of Jerusalem. Consequently, to resolve the dissension and debates in Antioch, a constructive response through a delegation is sent to Church community in Antioch.

The second reading describes the heavenly Jerusalem with the Lord and the Lamb in its midst, fulfilling all hopes of Israel. The psalm is Israel’s song of thanksgiving to the Lord for his abundant blessings and certainly they are joyful.

Jesus promises that he, together with the Father, will come to dwell in all those who keep his word and announces the coming of the Spirit. To love Jesus is to enter into relationship with his Father. To love one another as a community is to reflect the full communion of the Trinity. In fact, Jesus bestows on us his gift of peace, bringing us comfort and reassurance.

This week we might want to think about the abiding presence of God and Jesus within our communities of faith.  How is this presence the foundation and the result of our love? We may wish to pray for all those who do not accept the Word of God, or do not know it in all its forms in their life. We may also ask that the love we feel for the Lord shows itself in loving deeds in our everyday life.

Christian Action for this week: Take time more than once to reflect how the events from Holy Thursday until now have shaped your personal love for Jesus. Ask yourself these guiding questions: what is this love which is directed to Jesus? Are you convinced of continuous love for Jesus by doing his works and by keeping his commandments? These questions might help you to find yourself in Jesus’ love and they will shape your pastoral calling and ministry (Love directed to the community/others).

Joy and peace