Fifth Sunday of Easter

As we continue with Eastertide, Paul and Barnabas continue to proclaim the Good News of the risen Christ and structuring the growing church communities. Together with the Psalmist they praise God for his compassion and graciousness to all including the Gentiles.

In the second reading John takes us into his vision of a new creation; a new heaven and a new earth and now the dwelling of God is with his people. This newness is brought about by Jesus Christ through his new commandment to love one another as he loves us. This is the key to transforming the world. To be recognized as Jesus’ disciples, we are to love one another.

Jesus’ giving of the new commandment is an invitation to continue his presence in this world in a new way. If we love one another Jesus will continue to be present in the world; in our midst. Loving as Jesus loved makes this commandment new. Jesus gave himself as a model and source of boundless love. Universal love that could transform negative circumstances and perceptions into opportunities of learning to progress in love.

Jesus’ words acquire resonance for us today when we are an active and generous church; both laity and clergy. In giving us his new commandment Jesus asks us to live his own love and on his own love which is credible, eloquent and effective sign of a new creation.

In us there are many prejudices and hatred, divisions and competitions. These are obstacles to love and live in Jesus’ love.

            The power to love is communicated to us in the relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist, in which the sacrifice of love is present and generates love which can bring the true newness of creation.

Joy and peace.