Third Sunday of Easter, 05/05/2019


We are still in the Easter season, a time of full joy of the resurrection, and the scriptures are leading us into a deeper faith and understanding of Easter reality.

In the first reading from the acts of Apostles, we hear Peter speaking boldly to the high priest, confirming his faith and the faith of the early Christians, witnesses of the death and resurrection of Christ, and declaring their firm obedience to their Lord.

The Psalmist praises God for life and we can also pray with the Psalmist for God’s gift of life to us and especially through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the second reading the Lamb is being praised by all the heavenly hosts and John takes us up into this vision.

In the Gospel Jesus appears at the sea of Tiberias to his disciples and the Gospel looks forward to their pastoral ministry.

The readings of this week are helping us to discover the risen Christ and invite him to lead us in every day life to become his witnesses.

Joy and Peace