Outreach programs

What is our mission today as the disciple of Jesus?

We cloth the naked, feed the hungry and quench the thirsty by providing clean water to the affected Christians in the Diocese in the dry areas. Our office digs boreholes from donor funding and mission appeals (Mathew 25:31-46).

We continue Jesus’ mission for the poor by listening to their stories and responding to their needs through material, spiritual and emotional support. Our option for the poor runs through justice, peace and reconciliation programs also (Mathew 18: 15-18; 21-35).

Our mission is to reach out to the marginalized and those at the periphery of the society and bring Jesus’ touch and healing to them. We help them to reach out and touch the fringe of Jesus (Mark 5:21-34).

With our outreach programs we keep people connected to the community, in its weave where people share their burdens, pain and joy.