(Last Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B, 25/11/2018)

Lord grant all peoples the gift of Unity and Peace

May holiness, love and justice fill our life.


“Mine is not a kingdom of this world” (John 18:36)

The last Sunday of the Church’s year is celebrated as the Feast of Jesus Christ, the Universal King. We celebrate the resurrection victory of Jesus over suffering and death, a moment in historical time that has everlasting meaning, and look forward to the end of time when we will know fully the glory, holiness and peace of God’s kingdom.

The readings all bear witness to the glory of Christ Jesus. The First Reading is a prophecy from Daniel that can be seen to foretell the coming of Jesus, when people of all nations and languages will become his faithful servants.

The Second Reading describes the love of Jesus for each one of us; a love that makes us not simply servants, but fills us with his glory even as we mourn his death.

We can trust all that Jesus has done and said; his majesty, power and holiness are unchanged to the end of time (Psalm 93).

The Gospel recounts the dialogue between Pilate and Jesus in the hours before the crucifixion. Jesus tells us that his kingdom has values that are not of this world. If we seek the truth, we will listen carefully to his voice and live by his words.

This week, we pray that we may learn to know him more fully in our prayer and follow him more faithfully in our lives. He is our king and his kingdom is not any particular nation or empire, political or economic movement but LOVE which reveals the active presence of God, which Jesus calls God’s kingdom.

How can we actively engage ourselves into God’s kingdom?

Everyday begin your prayer by coming quietly in the presence of God and take your time without rush. Read the scripture passage paying attention to any word that strikes you most. Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that the text/striking word evoke in you and share them with God. Praise God your king for the insights received in your prayer. End your prayer by remembering the needs of your family, friends, neighbours, the church and the world. Go out to serve them with love, truth and Justice.

In the evening end your day with prayer by coming quietly in the presence of God. Share with God all your successes and failures of the day. Resolve to start anew and be filled with gratitude for the day and what you have been able to accomplish. Entrust your love and service, your future and success to God. Allow God’s kingdom to grow in you.

“Ora et Labora” (Pray and work)

Joy and Peace