What are your sorrows? How do you see God present in them? How has those sorrows brought you nearer to God, your Neighbour or your community?

Do you know any persons in your community who are in sorrow? How can you respond to their sorrowful situation? Do you know any church in your diocese or a small Christian community in your parish named after our Lady of sorrows?

What are seven sorrows of Mary?

We all love good life and freedom from pain. We try as much as we can to alleviate pain and sorrows. We are scared of the pain of hell. We complain when we experience pain and sufferings. Our lady of sorrows teaches us how to endure pain and sorrow and how to unite our sorrows with the intention of the Lord in our lives, and transform them into our own salvation. Remember to do the seven sorrows of Mary every day during this month, and learn to endure in faith and patience. For the sick people, those in distress and all those undergoing sorrowful moments in their life, those who are not happy in their families, ministry and places they work. May Our Lady of Sorrows accompany them and teach them how to endure without losing trust in her son.